About Me

My name is Jacob Christian Marshall a 22 year old software developer originally from Chichester (in England), currently situated in Auckland, New Zealand.

I enjoy coding in my spare time, and also cycling. Though I really should do more of the latter.

I am a twin, my twin's named Alicia. And no, she we are NOT identical - c'mon, think about that just for a second. We were born a minute apart, and she is older. Funny story - I actually stole all her food when we shared a womb together, and she almost died. She didn't! But almost. It was the perfect plan.

I am primarily a JavaScript developer - working both in the frontend and the backend (with Node.js). I currently work on a product called PageProof, which is a fully end-to-end encrypted online proofing system.

I started working full time as a software developer when I was 18 years old, but started part time (during school holidays) at the age of 14. The earliest record of me programming is a photo of my when I was 8 years old, hugging my family computer. Back in those days I was just getting my feet wet with HTML, CSS and a smidgen of JavaScript.

I also really love learning. Whether it's a programming language, or the ins and outs of a particular piece of software, it's always a journey worth taking.

Right now the language I'm learning (at a leisurely pace, I may add) is Go. A language designed by engineers at Google. It's syntax is modern feeling, and familiar, which always helps when learning a brand new language.

I use Twitter quite a lot. You can follow me, but I would recommend not doing so - as I retweet a lot of crap. If you want to get in touch, Twitter or email are the best ways.