My First Car

A few days ago I bought my first car. It just happens to be the car I always wanted as a kid - the Audi TT. It's also the same model I remember seeing all the time around where we used to live.

My twin convinced me that buying a used car would be a good idea for my first car. I do still have my eyes set on the Tesla Model 3, however I have decided that I may wait a few years before taking the plunge. Firstly, I don't even know where I'll be in a few years time, I may not even live in Auckland, let alone New Zealand. And secondly, a car of that value and at my age - the insurance would be literally inconceivable.

The car is way smaller than I expected. It's only really suited for two people (one of which being the driver), and maybe a medium-sized dog occupying the two back "seats". The back two seats have zero leg room when the front two seats are positioned optimally.

There are a few issues with the car, which I have yet to address; one of which being one of the front headlights being out. The car only came with one key, so I am getting an extra key ordered in at the expense of around $600. Now that's one expensive key - but it's a must. Not just because there's only one, but the one I do currently possess is pretty old and haggard.

I would really like to get a custom number plate at some stage, however to get one would set me back another $1,000 - an expense I could do without for now.

I absolutely love this car - it's a huge step up from the Honda Civic I was previously learning to drive in. I barely need to put my foot on the accelerator to get it going. And unlike the Civic, when I'm pointed down a hill, it has enough grunt to stop me from rolling.

I expect this car to bankrupt me, but I'm OK with that.


Oh yeah, and you can absolutely fit somebody in the boot. I imagine that will come in handy at some stage.