Work Drinking Culture

Until recently I haven't really had much of an opinion on the "work drinking culture". I still to this day think that everybody has the right to do whatever makes them happy. And if drinking makes them feel happy, you do you. However I'm becoming less and less interested in following other's ideals of happiness by over-drinking at work.

There's one end of the spectrum where people feel that no alcohol should be served at work or at work events. To that I feel as if it restricts people's enjoyment. And there's the other end where people feel only alcoholic drinks should be served - but then there's clearly a large amount of people who would then miss out. I don't think the issue is really about whether alcohol is or isn't served - in a workplace we're all adults, we can all make our own decisions - but I do feel as if it's a matter of how much alcohol is served.

In my ideal world both alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks should be served, but the amount of alcohol should be consumed such that nobody ends up totally drunk. Getting tipsy, I feel is fine. But as soon as you're spewing nonsense & change into a completely different person - it's time to draw the line.

It's not enjoyable to be around somebody you have to work with, somebody you respect, and have them acting like a child because they couldn't handle their liquor. Drink responsibly. If you're at a work event, maintain professionalism. It's not hard to do - just know your limits. I find it pretty easy - when you start to feel as if your next drink will push you over the edge, just stop. If you don't know where that edge is - you're probably drinking too fast.

These are my own thoughts and opinions.